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Guitar Notes and Scales on the Fretboard

Learn all the notes in the major and minor scales on guitar fretboard. This follows on from my previous post which showed the notes of C Major only. You can tap or mouse over the fret positions to see the notes that are not in the chosen scale, and also see the places where the same note appears on different strings.

Notes on Guitar Strings: Quickly Visualise

The following interactive graphic shows the positions of each note on the fretboard of a six-string guitar. Move your mouse or tap over the image and explore. And then play them on your guitar.

Update: A new version of this chart with more features is available in this post.

First Update: Stratotune Version 1.1 Pitches In

Hi there. This is a short post just to let you know, we’ve released a minor update to Stratotune which now provides compatibility with the older iOS version of iOS5 for those of you who were hanging on to their old google maps.